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Novensia is a journal published by the Antiquity of Southeastern Europe Research Centre at the University of Warsaw. It has been published continuously since 1987.
The articles published in Novensia concern mainly the problems of the Roman limes (a part of classical archaeology which deals with the frontier areas of the Roman Empire), as well as various issues of Greek and Roman material culture.
The journal Novensia is indexed in the ERiH and ICI World of Journals databases and valuated at 100 points in the Ministerial list (for evaluation purposes in PL).

Research on Antiquity

Novensia publishes mainly the results of archaeological research conducted by the Centre in: Novae – a fortress of the First Italic Legion and an early Byzantine city, Tanais – a Hellenistic and Roman city, the Illyrian capital Scodra, including the fortified settlement of Bushat, and Rhizon – a Greek and Roman city.

For prospective authors

Studies of different types of monuments are also published, as well as problem papers on the relationship between classical culture and Barbaricum. The proceedings of international conferences organised by the Centre are also published in Novensia.
If you are interested in publishing a text in Novensia, please see the relevant procedure.

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